Professionals become members of professional organizations, as officers of the Iowa National Guard, we are all professionals.  Professional organizations such as INGOA and NGAUS’s sole responsibility is to represent you in the state legislature and in the congress.   INGOA and NGAUS is the professional organizations for National Guardsmen.  Not every one can give their time but all officers and warrants can give some of their hard earned dollars to support something bigger than themselves.

You can pay your membership fees on-line. If your unit, Squadron, Wing, or otherwise also have membership fees, this will not pay those fees, it will just pay INGOA and/or NGAUS membership fees.

Using the links to the left, you can pay your membership fees on-line.

INGOA Lifetime Membership: INGOA is pleased to announce INGOA lifetime membership. Lifetime membership allows you to pay a low one time fee for INGOA membership fees. Use the link above to use this new membership feature or see below what the INGOA lifetime membeship fees are.

INGOA Retired Life In the past INGOA has had free INGOA retired life membership for all Iowa National Guard Retirees. Starting in CY 2014, to remain a member of INGOA (if you haven’t become an INGOA lifetime member), there will be a $50 INGOA retired life membership fee. This fee can be paid at the link above.

Membership is open to all officers and warrant officers in the Air and Army National Guard who have or are now serving in a federally recognized capacity in the Iowa National Guard. All first year officers who were commissioned from ROTC, OCS, AMS or appointed through WOCS will receive a free complimentary membership for the remainder of the calendar year they commissioned and the year after they commissioned, this includes NGAUS as well.

As a member you will receive monthly the National Guard Magazine. The National Guard Magazine is a highly professional publication with news, photos and features of interest. Members are kept abreast of National Guard activities, at unit, state and national levels, which are of great interest today’s National Guard soldier. Also, your membership entitles you to be eligible for many associated benefits.

Lifetime Fees:
NGAUS Active (currently serving) $1000
NGAUS Retired $ 125
INGOA Active $120
INGOA Retired $50

Yearly Fees

NGAUS Yearly INGOA Yearly Yearly Total
09 Lieutenant General $153.00 $25.00 $178.00
08 Major General $139.00 $20.00 $159.00
07 Brigadier General $123.00 $15.00 $138.00
06 Colonel $108.00 $14.00 $122.00
05 Lieutenant Colonel $85.00 $13.00 $98.00
04 Major $72.00 $11.00 $83.00
03 Captain $59.00 $6.00 $65.00
02 First Lieutenant $45.00 $4.00 $49.00
01 Second Lieutenant $30.00 $3.00 $33.00
W5 Chief Warrant Officer Five $73.00 $11.00 $84.00
W4 Chief Warrant Officer Four $59.00 $9.00 $68.00
W3 Chief Warrant Officer Three $46.00 $6.00 $52.00
W2 Chief Warrant Officer Two $35.00 $4.00 $39.00
W1 Warrant Officer $26.00 $3.00 $29.00
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