NGAUS Conference Grant Application

Thanks to the great support by the INGOA Foundation, grants for company grade officers and warrant officers are available to attend the annual NGAUS Conference.  You can either fill out the application below and submit it on line or download the PDF below and submit that.

The suspense for applications is July 15th 2019 and those selected will be notified by July 22nd 2019.

2019 INGOA Foundation NGAUS Grant Application (PDF)


INGOA and the INGOA Foundation

On-line NGAUS Conference Grant Application

  • INGOA Foundation 2018 NGAUS Conference Grant Application
    August 30 thru Sept 2, 2019 Denver, CO
    I hereby apply for a Grant to attend the NGAUS Conference Officer Professional Development. This Grant is only open to NGAUS and INGOA members in good standing in the grades of WO1-WO2 and O1-O3. This grant is limited to 1st time NGAUS Conference attendees.

    Submission deadline is July 15th 2019, selectees will be determined NLT July 22nd, 2019.
  • i.e. 132nd Wing or A Co, 334 BSB, etc
  • Select yes or no indicating if you submitted your name for an NGB funded grant through my chain-of command.

    Note: NGB Grant recipients are funded on military orders and will receive per diem. Funding is very limited
    INGOA Foundation Grant is a $750 payment to recipient; amount should cover most required expenses.
  • 1. I understand, I am required to attend the Professional Development sessions/activities and Business Meeting sessions.

    2. I understand my application will be reviewed and considered based on the Narrative on page two of this application. It contains my reasons for desiring a Grant to attend the NGAUS Conference.

    3. I understand I must submit an AAR on my experience NLT 1 month after the conference (preferably NLT 27 SEP). Privacy Act Statement: Information provided in this application will be used in the selection of NGAUS Conference Grants funded by INGOA Foundation. My signature grants permission to release provided information according to the Privacy Act of 1974 in order to make this selection.
  • Include such information as: current level of involvement with any military organizations or associations; any planned future level of involvement; what you would like to get out of attendance at the NGAUS conference, etc.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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