The next NGAUS conference is in Denver, CO, August 30 – September 2 2019 .

On-line registration is now available, please click here.

Company grade officers and warrant officers can apply for a grant to attend the NGAUS conference by click this link

As details of the conference are determined we will post more information, see the NGAUS Website link for more information.

INGOA, in partnership the the INGOA Foundation is pleased to announce that junior grade officers and warrant officers can apply for a grant to attend the NGAUS conference.  This is a great opportunity to attend the NGAUS conference while helping offset the costs associated with the conference.  Information will be posted soon on this as well. .

The last NGAUS conference in New Orleans was another great conference, Iowa had a great contingent of officers and their families, for those that attended, thank you!

In this group there were also many junior officers that had the opportunity to attend the conference with a grant provided by the INGOA Foundation or through professional development orders provided by National Guard.

Here are a few quotes on what the officers said about the conference:

“Before going to NGAUS I had no idea what it really was nor did I think it was really a big deal. I thought it would be cool to go to Louisville for a military event that was different then going to the field every drill. When I got on the bus I met a lot of the Iowa members and they began to tell about how great the event was and made it seem like it is just one of the greatest events to go to. They were absolutely right. NGAUS opened my eyes to a whole new side of the National Guard and Army Leadership. I got a lot of professional and self-development from leaders that normally I would never get the opportunity to speak with or be around, especially being a junior officer. It also gave a lot more insight to how I can affect my soldiers and develop them to better my unit and the state of Iowa. I’m to go to my first state conference this year after experiencing the knowledge and all the good this event does for the state and the National Guard.”

“Attending NGAUS as a grant recipient funded by valued donations allowed me to catch a glimpse of what being an officer in the Iowa Guard truly means to the nation and states.”.

“Your [grant] donation provided me an experience and perspective that I will carry forward for the rest of my career.”

“Because I was fortunate enough to attend NGAUS and funded by donations, I now know that INGOA is a valuable organization for the Iowa Guard Units, and more than that am interested in being an active member.”





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