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Welcome to the Iowa National Guard Officer's Association Website!

The purpose of the Association is to promote, foster and provide continued and improved benefits that will enhance the well being of active and retired personnel in the Iowa National Guard. The INGOA represents all Iowa National Guard personnel, Army, Air, and Retirees.

The Association supports other state and federal organizations and associations that favor support to the Iowa National Guard. Additionally, INGOA engages in charitable, educational, benevolent, and civic programs, such as the Family Readiness Program and the Gold Star Museum. The association also supports patriotic activities that promote and enhance the image of the Iowa National Guard.

The INGOA recognizes and supports the ever-increasing role and readiness posture that has been levied upon today’s reserve forces. Therefore, the Association is committed to defending the issues, which support our soldier’s well being, and alert to the legislative changes that threaten the existing status of the Iowa National Guard.

The INGOA is one of the best organizations in the State of Iowa and its membership continues to grow each year. Through this strength, the Association has gained great respect by legislative bodies at State and National levels.

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